Clique Supper Club and Lounge Bar

BY Vidya B
September 21, 2016

An upscale restaurant with a refined, contemporary menu by day and a glittery bar with an upbeat vibe by night, Clique has comfortably settled into the niche it created in Colombo’s dining scene when it opened a couple of years ago. Whether it’s a well-executed steak you’re after or a perfectly crafted cocktail, you aren’t likely to be disappointed at Clique. We spoke to Nadeem Rajabdeen, director at Cantaloupe & Co, the parent company of Clique, about the restaurant’s association with the inaugural edition of Colombo Fashion Week Swim:

Why did you choose to partner with CFW Swim this year?

Typically, CFW targets a similar demographic as that of Clique customers. So, we thought it would be a value-adding synergy to partner with them. Since CFW is also one of the biggest events in Colombo’s lifestyle calendar, we wanted our team to be a part of it.

Tell us a little bit about some of the food and beverage offerings that you created specifically for CFW Swim.

In keeping with CFW Swim’s theme, and our own theme this year, which we are calling ‘Happy Summer’, we launched a new food and cocktail menu that was carefully designed by Chef Vichlaya. Some of the new items on the menu included Asian-inspired Mac & Cheese Balls with lemongrass and coconut milk and Crab Kochchi Balls flavoured with fiery local kochchi chillies.