From The Front Row: U by Upeksha Hager

BY Colombo Swimweek
July 1, 2016

Upeksha Hager’s journey in the fashion industry began with her first show at Colombo Fashion Week in 2011. ‘U’ by Upeksha has since established itself in Sri Lanka as a brand that offers a fresh design perspective, as well as seamless attention to detail and a quality finish. The label’s extension into swimwear was greatly assisted by Colombo Fashion Week and its technical collaborator, Linea Aqua.

This year’s collection embraces an understated palette coupled with a somewhat austere silhouette –  “It’s called ‘Boho Bay’ because it’s a bit of a bohemian collection. It has sporty looks as well as cocktail looks and they’re sexy but not over the top, instead I tried to design something surprising here and there like a frill where you wouldn’t expect it. I used frills, geometric cuts and the biggest trend would be the one pieces with the high cut on the leg that really elongates the leg.”


“We are an island country with lots of tourism so the possibilities are endless when you have such a lot of people coming in. If they can count on buying their bathing suits here that would be a one-stop solution. I’ve been showing at Colombo fashion week for 6 years now, so when the initiative to start Swim Week came around I joined in; I join everything CFW does.”


“With swimwear, everybody knows what they’re going to wear, so everyone knows what they’re going to buy. It’s very hard to convince someone to change their swimwear type, so I want to provide as much variation as possible within those silhouettes.”