Green Conscious, Earth Sensitive

June 15, 2017

As a key player in the global economy, the fashion industry must recognize the role it should play in protecting the environment from which its natural resources derived. Swim Week Colombo, an international design development platform for Swimwear, Resortwear and Activewear, recognizes the need to create an Eco-system of environmentally friendly sustainable practices, which start from the front end of the industry which is design development to the end product.

We want to encourage a consciousness which empowers individuals to choose good practices which impacts the environment around, impacts self to act, impacts design to be sensitive to the environment and impacts the greater commitment of the country and the world. Our actions should be based on our intent to do good in fashion and design. To make it clear, there should be a transformation of our heart to be accountable.


Our vision
• To create an end product that does not burden the environment and ecosystem
• A fashion and design industry which is conscious of its actions and sensitive in its approach
• This should be a ‘New’ normal standard of operating which should come naturally


Centered around our guiding Pillars of Impact ;
• Impact on Garment
• Impact on Supply Chain
• Impact on Environment

the creation of this ecosystem for change will not only guide our designers in the right direction but also help Swim Week Colombo in the creation of The Perfect Green Bikini.