Love Bar

BY Vidya B
September 21, 2016

An extension of the funky and flamboyant restaurant, Flamingo House, Love Bar has come into its own as one of Colombo’s more popular bars. Keeping with the restaurant’s theme — the story of forbidden love between an Englishman and an Indian planter’s daughter in colonial times — Love Bar also wears the same ornate and flashy decor. The signature cocktails are the highlight of the compact menu, and they successfully convey the unique and slightly eccentric vibe of the bar. We spoke to Natalie Jayasuriya, one of the co-founders of Flamingo House, about their association with CFW Swim:

Can you tell us about your relationship with CFW?

We’ve had a long-standing friendship with CFW. Whenever possible, we have worked with them. Last year, we hosted the after-party for the event. So it was natural for us to associate with the inaugural edition of CFW Swim.

Could you tell us a little bit about the drinks you served for CFW Swim and about your menu in general?

For CFW Swim, we offered the three cocktails that had been crafted by Rockland Distilleries specifically for the event. These included Colombo Spice made of gin, the classic Mai Tai with rum and Saffron, an arrack-based cocktail.

In addition to these, I’d say that we are best known for our signature cocktails such as the Flamingo Rosa, a combination of vodka, lime, mint and fresh raspberries and the Mirtilo Mojito, made of white rum, blueberries, fresh kiwis, mint and lime juice. We are proud to say that people visit Love Bar to try our signature cocktails rather than the common ones that are served everywhere else.