The art of staying relevant

October 21, 2016

The best brands are those who manage to leapfrog trends, and stay relevant because they are who they are. Luxury swimwear brand Heidi Klein has done just that as the brand’s co-founder Heidi Gosman pointed out in her Trend Swim session at Swim Week Colombo 2016. “We realised that there was a huge gap in the market for what women wanted, and that was perfectly fitting swimwear.”

The brand has a solid foundation, and the decision to focus on the details of a swimsuit’s fit has clearly paid off – customers turn to Heidi Klein, season after season, for swimwear that will make them feel as good as they look. A customer is able to mix and match separate pieces – in more ways than one. Heidi also said that her customer can wear her suit to the pool, bar, or even on a hike.

“Fit for us is absolutely key. If you don’t feel good, then it’ll ruin the whole thing. So we have at least seven fits for every swim piece that we do and cover-ups as well because it’s totally important that the fit, and the lining and everything is working towards that. I think the first big change is that women now really think hard about their whole wardrobe so we find our customers are shopping for the perfect swimsuit that they can wear to the pool, to the bar, so that they feel good not just in their swimwear but in their whole outfit.” “It’s all about the package, this is key to us, we sell the whole package, ready to wear, cover ups and shoes,” added CEO Eric Koby.