The Bayleaf & Curve Bar

BY Vidya B
September 21, 2016

If there is one flavour in common between the restaurants that fall under the Harpo’s umbrella, it is that they all offer consistently good quality food and pleasant ambience. Whether it’s authentic Italian cuisine at the sprawling Bayleaf or tapas to go with live entertainment at the compact Curve bar, you’re assured to have a memorable time. We spoke to Harpo Gooneratne, managing director of Harpo’s restaurants and cafes, about the brand’s maiden tie-up with CFW Swim.

Tell us about your association with CFW and the inaugural CFW Swim event.

We were associated with Colombo Fashion Week in February this year as well. I supported CFW Swim because it had a good theme and also because I wanted to extend my support to local artists and designers.

What were some of the creations that were served specifically during CFW Swim?

Both at Bayleaf and Curve, we served a few cocktails that had been crafted by Rockland Distilleries specially for this event. These included Colombo Spice, a refreshing combination of Colombo London Dry Gin, coriander leaves, fresh lime juice and ginger; the classic Mai Tai featuring coconut rum, spiced rum, grenadine, pineapple juice and orange juice; and Saffron, a cocktail that combined Ceylon Arrack with vermouth, coconut syrup and lemon juice